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Dryer Repair San Diego

This machine is absolutely indispensable for your house if you need to save time It dries attire for the whole family expeditiously, and makes household’s life much easier. Also your electricity bills may increase greatly, If any failure has arisen. This is because such machines became energy-hungry, when they aren’t working well.
Fortunately, ARC San Diego specialists are always ready to fix it efficiently and immediately, that will save you from buying new equipment.

Common dryer issues we fix:

  • Dryer won’t run.
  • Dryer isn’t producing heat.
  • The drum doesn’t spin.
  • Dryer gets too hot.

There are two main types of dryers that we can fix:

  • Electric – These dryers cost a little less up front and are also easier and less expensive to install. Exhaust requirements are minimal and concern only steam venting.
  • Gas – Dryers operate on natural gas or propane. They cost a bit more up front than electric dryers but are less expensive to run over the lifetime of the appliance. Special venting is required.

No matter which type of dryer you have, our technicians will provide quick diagnostics and viable solution for the problem.

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